Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Man Stalking

All my pals have left the country and are having great successes with men on their respective vacations. It sucks so bad so I decided I had to go out into the world alone to find me a man.

I frequent the Osborne Village Starbucks regularly as it is very close to work. On my last couple of visits I had noticed a man who sits in the same spot around the same time everyday. He sits there with his beard and his cap and he writes about CSS hacking (I read over his shoulder one day). He is cute and awkward and dorky and I want him.

So today I packed up my laptop and my notebook and I sat down next to his regular spot. I made sure to get there a little earlier than him. Just as he walks into the door a horrible old woman with socks and sandals sits down in his spot! He had to go sit on the other side of the cafe where I couldn't even see him!!!!

My plan was foiled.

Naomi says this is stalking but I think it would only have been stalking if I followed him out of the cafe. I should have followed him out of the cafe. I considered it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Boys Are... In Krakow's Stairwells!

Just watch your step and try not to hit your head like I did. Seriously, how am I ever going to go back to Winnipeg?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Boys Are... In Krakow After All!

Apparently you can find them in jazz clubs. They're hip, smooth and incredibly well-dressed. If you're lucky he'll turn out to be the bassist of the band that's playing that night and then he'll spend the entire rest of the show staring at you as he plays. If you're extra lucky the night won't stop at the jazz club and will likely continue until dawn.

As it turns out, I was extra lucky last night.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Boys Are in Suits

Unfortunately, they are also in London. Truth! They all wear suits and are all better looking.

This is not looking good for us Winnipeg girls...

The Boys Are... In Krakow. Sort of? (Pt. 1)

I'm now attending Universytet Jagiellonski in Krakow for the next few weeks, and I've been scoping hard since we arrived on Saturday, but so far the possibilities are not as many as Prague. Granted, it's only Wednesday and we haven't gone out yet, so I'll be able to provide a more in-depth analysis after the weekend, I'm sure.

Thus far, however, I have met a couple of boys; one is a tall and somewhat attractive poli-sci major from Milwaukee who could be really attractive but as far as I can tell he's been wearing the same outfit since we got here: a graphic tee, hideous red basketball shorts and flip-flops. Ugh much? Yeah, I thought so. The other is my new best friend, a cute little Irish gay boy from Dublin. We met yesterday at the pub in the dorms and just clicked completely. He's been demonstrating to me how one drinks in Ireland and because I have nothing much to report on where exactly the boys are here, I'll leave you with this:

2 vodka and colas, followed but a shot of sambuca, followed by several rounds of Bacardi Breezers mixed with a double shot of rum. And then you wake up the next morning still drunk, no matter what time you're up at.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Boys Are... In Prague. (Part 2)

Somehow, there is a continuation to my last post. The following night, which would be Friday, J and I took a second trip to the 5-story Dance Extravaganza as it was our last night in town. While there, we met some Swiss gentlemen while dancing to the Backstreet Boys (all good things happen this way).

Needless to say the night ended with us leaving at 2am because we had told our roommates we were just going for a walk, (which really had originally been our intention, but you can't just walk around on a Friday night in Prague,) and the guy Julianna was with yelling:


Remember to read that in a Swiss accent, it makes it better.

Goodbye Prague, I will miss you and your boys. Next up, and hopefully soon: The Boys Are... In Krakow.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Boys Are... In Prague.

Atleast the Australian ones are, anyway.

As the title suggests, I am currently in Prague for a few days, to soak up a little culture and tradition, and of course, some boys. Now, it's a well known fact that Prague's night life is just fantastic, and last night I got an excellent taste of that, starting at Belushi's in the new Mosaic House hostel on Odboru. My travel-mate, J, and I decided to honour Canada Day properly with a beer and no real plans in the hostel's lounge, and her obnoxious CANADA shirt immediately attracted some decent-looking fellow Canadians, of the male variety of course.

These decent-looking Canadian fellows invited us along on a pub crawl, which we immediately agreed to, either because we were already somewhat drunk or but mostly because, well, let's face it: we would likely never see these boys again. To summarize the night I present to you the long, detailed synopsis I wrote K last night:

Me: i just pulled a you
3:38am K: meaning..
you made out with someone in prague?!
3:38am Me: ohhh my god
3 people
3:38am K: LOL WHAT
3:38am Me: mostly just one
3:39amKaari: YES
3:39am Me: AND SO HOT
jesus god
going downstairs was the best decision of my life
3:39am K: GOOD
3:40am Me: basically, j and i went downstairs and left k and k to shower and nap or whatever because they were being drags
3:41am K: is j fun?
3:41am Me: these canadian guys from edmonton noticed her canada shirt
yes, she's the fun one
3:41am K: oh awesome
3:41am Me: anyway we started talking to them and they were okay looking and convinced us to go on a pub crawl with them
they also had 2 friends so we got the other 2 out of bed
anyway we get back downstairs and they have more friends with them and 3 australians
which turned into several australians and 3 scottish guys
3:42am K: ha!
3:43am Me: so we do a shot on them, go outside, and they have a fucking BEER BONG made THROUGH A HOCKEY SKATE
and then they bought us several bottles of champagne
3:43am K:WHAT!?
3:44am Me: YEAH
so we go on this "pub crawl" that we're already an hour late for
but we catch up with it, get into the first bar for free, and there's free shots and everything
i get left alone with "cupcake" although i was already flirting with his friend "chook" (chuck?) and we start dancing and then making out
then we realize all of our friends have disappeared
3:46am Me:
so "cupcake" who i will henceforth refer to as "the australian" buys me a drink, and then we embark out into the streets of prague, both way too drunk off our asses
3:46am K: yes!
which, neither of us really had any idea where we were or where we were going and we stopped a few times
then we get there, some how find his friends, "chook" and "the captain" and some other tall handsome guy they kept referring to as "ugly" on the black music floor
and then suddenly my friends pop out of nowhere too!
3:48am K: hahaha
everyone ends up there!
3:49am Me: always! amazing, btw
so long story short, well you know the rest yourself
3:49am K: hahahaha
oh boy i sure hope you ended up by the video games
3:49am Me: YEAH

I won't personally define what happens "By the video games," but I'm sure if you're familiar with the internet you can figure that one out yourself.

So, to "Cupcake," "Chook," and "The Captain," where ever you may be, good luck and godspeed boys.

Boys in Prague rating: ***** (out of a possible 5)
Where: Belushi's in Mosaic House, 5 Story Dance Club
Notes: The good ones are easy to find and easier to catch.