Friday, September 7, 2012

Male Friend's Night Out

Context: This is a SMS conversation between myself and the male friend mentioned in my previous post. He's happy to be single again because he gets to tell stories like this one.
Male Friend: funny story last night
Zima: oh, good.
Male Friend: went to celebrities (gay bar on davie). Predictably it was about 50% straight chicks. Chick comes up to me and says "why does everyone keep saying happy birthday. This is a wedding veil. NOT a birthday veil!"
Male Friend: girl proceeds to complain that guys are hitting on her, and that they should respect her upcoming wedding by not hitting on her.
Zima: ...and you fucked her?
Male Friend: Soon we are on the dance floor making out and she's rubbing my bone
Male Friend: it's about 1:30 and she's "do you want to go back to your place?"
Male Friend: I'm like sure, let's go grab a cigarette outside first
Male Friend: we go outside. I say "close your eyes. I want to kiss you."
Male Friend: closes her eyes. I pimp-slap her and call her a whore. Then I get into a cab and drive away

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


When you run into a one night stand that you met at the bar while drunk and then proceeded to spend the majority of the next day with, is it okay to pretend you don't know them when you run into them months later?

Or am I just really weird and awkward?

But I guess he is awkward too.