Saturday, October 2, 2010

I found some of those guys!

I may have been drinking but this is relevent.

I found where some of those boys are: Live music shows!!! Duh, what did you think I was going to say? Porn video stores?! HAH! (I would totally look in those places for a man.)


I went to see Arcade Fire and although most of the dudes around me were headbanging-jock-types, there were some guys I would go down on.  There was this one guy and I was all "HIM!FUCKYES!!!" but then as I was walking to get another beer I realized that his seat was on the upper deck thing and mine was on the floor and the only way I would be able to go down on him would be if his dick was, like, a block long.  I assume it wasn't that long because he was able to wear regular pants.

I also went to see Caribou and the male to female ratio was outstanding.  10 men for every woman or something, I imagine.  And I was all, I would totally do all of these guys except for that guy with the white cross-trainers because *gag*.  And then I would try to dance but would be distracted by the men all over the place.
SO I have resolved that live music is better then DJs for a manhunting opportunity because men are drawn to, like, the soundswaves of legit instruments, or something.

Also, internet dating is such a bust.  I am bored because no one worthy of my time has messaged me in a day or so.  I mean, today I got a note from some guy who is just looking for the perfect girl to eat out whenever he feels like it and I kind of feel like I should help him out and be a good person, or whatever.  But I need to find a good waxer first, to be honest.