Sunday, June 17, 2012

You know that thing...

You know that thing where you meet a guy through friends and go home with him on a whim? Even though you have a boyfriend?

And then you continue to sleep together because it's fun and wrong and you know that he raves about you to people and calls you "sultry"?

And then you realize you have to break it off because you have a boyfriend and it's sad and awkward and you still run into him and being just friends is super hard because the smell of him reminds you of sex so you keep getting SUPER turned on whenever you see him? And you do dumb things like bake him stuff and stay at his place till weird hours holding hands?

And then you break up with your boyfriend and reach out to the other guy because the sex was good and so was the company?

But this time the company feels different and things are kind of distant and the warmth is gone and the conversation feels forced?

But the sex is still SUPER awesome so you consider stopping that hang outs portion of the relationship and keeping the sex portion?

But then you're at the same event and he shows up with a girl that he is obviously into and follows around and when he comes over to say hi it's super awkward?


I think I need to find someone new to sleep with.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring time for Muffy

Hot Air Balloon guy and I are no longer.

It was long distance but things seemed to be okay. We visited each other and I felt confidant about the situation. Until I didn't anymore.

And I "had an affair" with a man I will call D&D.

I basically wrote the affair thing off as me just being bored and lonely, but quickly realized that the relationship with Hot Air Balloon guy was not working.

And then I really knew it had to end when he told me he loved me and I panicked. So it's over.

It didn't take long for me to reach out to D&D. I was unsure if he would be interested as I totally hurt his feelings before too because I'm some sort of monster. Thankfully he seemed keen on seeing me again and this past weekend he took me out for dinner and then came back to my place for the most amazing sex I've had maybe EVER.

Like, I came so hard I almost cried/died.

He spent the night and hung out with me until early afternoon the next day.

I'm hoping to see him again this weekend. He's sort of strange, but in a mostly good way.