Monday, July 16, 2012

I've realized...

I realized this weekend that I was not very honest with myself and it took a little reflection to catch on.

I spent the entire weekend hanging out with awesome people but I kept finding myself distracted but my lack of contact with D&D and I now understand that this casual arrangement is really not working for me.

I went from a relationship that smothered me to the total opposite where I felt kind of lonely most of the time. D&D is so hot and cold. Awesome when we were alone together but not so great otherwise.

And why should I settle?!

So Sunday, after I got home from a night of partying with new friends, I sat down at my computer and with determination I emailed 30+ men.

I emailed men that i thought were meh and I emailed men that I may have once considered out of my league.

I sent them all the message "Hey, would you like to grab a drink sometime?"

Within a few minutes i got a response from a guy who I wasn't super excited about but he seemed friendly and upbeat. He asked if I had any plans that night and we agreed to meet for tea in half an hour.

I had to hustle to get my cute on as I was in sweats with no makeup on...

When I showed up at the cafe he was way cuter than his pictures! He was dressed well and was really friendly and chatty right away.

We had no problem talking for over an hour and then agreed to go for a walk. Since we were in my area he let me talk the lead on our route and I directed him to a park because I have a thing for swings.

We hung out on the playground for a bit until it started to rain really hard. By the time we got close to my place/his car we were both SOAKED. Since I was damp and it was late-ish on a Sunday night I decided it was an okay time to call it a night.

I hugged him goodbye and we made vague plans to meet later in the week. As I was walking up to my house he shouts "WAIT! I have a song I recorded that I want you to hear!" Of course I agreed to listen to it and it was super cute. He also played me some other songs that one of his bands recorded and we continued talking for a bit.

Eventually we had to relocate to sitting on my stoop because the rain was coming down so hard and we ended up chatting for another hour.

In the end we agreed that he will take me out for dinner on Friday night.

I'm super pleased by this random turn of events and I'm really interested to see how things go with this guy.


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